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One-Day Kish Island Sightseeing Tour

1.Tour’s Activities : City Sightseeing Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Kish
3.Package Code : SiKi1
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 1 Day(s)
6.Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person(s)
7.Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Person(s)
8.Price(per person) : € 30 Euros
9.Including Costs : English speaking tour guide driver leading you to the most popular tourist attractions of the city.
10.Excluding Costs : Your meals and the entrance to the sights.
11.Package Description


Note: There is 20% Discount for groups of 2 people, and 30% for groups of 3 or more on all the packages.

1. At 9 o’clock in the morning, a professional Kish Island tour guide picks you up in a private car from your hotel in Kish or any clear address in this Island.

2. He/she takes you on an 8-hour sightseeing tour in Kish Island and you will visit several of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

3. The whole cost of your transportation in the city is included in the tour’s rate but the costs of your meals and entrance to the sights will be on yourself. Needless to say, our tour guide will help you to take care of all your needs.

4. Below is a suggested list of tourist attractions that you can visit on this tour. Still, our tour guide will be open to your suggestions.



kiash island tour

Grand Recreational Pier


kiash island tour

Kariz Underground


kiash island tour

Greek Ship


kiash island tour

Harireh Ancient City


kiash island tour

Dolphin Park