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Iran Off-Road Tour Guide; Mohammadreza Nowruzi

Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our most professional Iranian tour guide, Mohammareza Nowruzi was born in 1976 in the beautiful coastal city of Astara, Gilan Province, north of Iran. Now, those who have already visited the north of our country know that the northern provinces in Iran look like a different country. Around Alamut and Masuleh, there are majestic mountains, pristine lush jungles, there are lakes, rivers, thousands of rice paddies, etc. It was this very enchanting nature that made Mohammadreza choose the life of an Iran off-roade tour guide operating tours in Iran and exploring the untouched nature of his country.

Iran Off-Road Tour Guide

Iran Off-Road Tour Operator; Background

Mohammadreza’s father was a history teacher and so from his early childhood he was attracted to Iran’s history that is brilliantly epic and inspiring. He’s a voracious reader of texts on Iran’s history, culture, nature, and geography. On the other hand, the uncles of this Iran tour operator, who also lived in Gilan were the most famous car mechanics in the province. And this explains Mohammadreza’s great knowledge of four-wheel-drive cars. At this moment that this introduction is being written, May 2016, Mr. Nowruzi is the most professional and the most reliable guide for off-road tours in Iran. He runs Iran tour packages to the remotest mountainous jungles, traditional villages and historic sight. He has already trained many off-roaders who will in turn pass on his knowledge.

Iran Off-Road Tour Guide

Off-road exploring is the life itself, there is risk taking, ups and downs, rocky mountainous road, and if you’ve got the pioneers know-how, you’ll make other people’s dreams your memories.” Says Mohammadreza Nowruzi. “This is my principle in life and as far as I believe, people who are afraid to take the untrodden paths are dead already.”

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Iran Off-Road Tour Guide   Iran Off-Road Tour Guide   Iran Off-Road Tour Guide   Iran Off-Road Tour Guide

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