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Off-Road Tours in Iran

The natural tourist attractions in Iran are very diverse; here in Iran, there is the highest mountain in The Middle East called Mount Damavand, there are vast beautiful sand deserts in Iran whose golden dunes roll far out of sight, there are ski resorts like Tochal or Dizin Resort where one can ski for seven months, there are lush jungles whose humidity makes your matches useless, etc. It was the rich nature of the country that made IranTours start running off-road tours in Iran to the remotest and most pristine natural attractions that are not fully explored even by the locals. Our most popular off-road tours are the ones taking the tourists to the north of Iran. And the Iranian tour guides we have employed for these tour are absolutely the best in the country.

Off-Road Tours, Iran

Off-Road Tours in Iran to Alamut Valley

The off-road tour to the legendary Valley of Alamut is by far the most popular tour package offered by IranTours. The windy mountainous Alamut Road takes you to the heart of Alborz Mountain Range. The beauty and grandeur of the mountains of this region have nourished the souls of great individuals like Hassan-i Sabbah whose name would send chills down the spines of the time's cruel rulers. The ruins of The Castle of Assassins in Alamut bear witness to Hassan and his followers' genius. Heading further north off-road through the same road you'll have a great view of the second highest mountain in Iran called Alamkuh and will also visit the ancient Piche Bon Caravanserai that is located around 3000 m above the sea level up in the mountains.

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Off-Road Tours, Iran

Off-Road Tours in Iran to Masuleh and Masal

Another very popular off-road tour operated by IranTours takes you to the world-known town of Masuleh in Gilan Province whose terrace-like architecture has interested architects from all over the world. But it's not just Masuleh that makes this off-road tour in Iran very popular; to get to Masuleh our tour guide will not take the asphalt road taken by all the drivers. He will take you over the beautiful Mount Dorfak off-road. This mountain offers an amazing view of the countryside around it and its scenery is most beautiful and inspiring. The last stop of our Masuleh off-road tour before going back to your hotel inTehran is the Masal Region which itself is known to be the paradise of Gilan Province.

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Off-Road Tours, Iran

Off-Road Tours in Iran to Remote Villages

On these off-road tours in Iran, not only will you enjoy the scenery of the majestic Alborz Mountain Range, but also you'll visit remote and isolated mountain villages in which one can observe the authentic lifestyle of people who are still purely Persian in many ways; their way of life has not yet been touched my the homogenizing force of modernization. Imagine the pleasure of visiting a remote village of 40 families whose people say hello to you and welcome you so warmly as if they have known you all their life and whose smiles are the most real you have ever seen.

Off-Road Tours, Iran

Off-Road Tours, Iran   Off-Road Tours, Iran   Off-Road Tours, Iran   Off-Road Tours, Iran   Off-Road Tours, Iran

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