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Arasbaran Protected Area in Iran

One of the biosphere reserves of the world that is registered by UNESCO is Arasbaran. This region is located in north-west of Iran, south of Aras River, and in East Azerbaijan Province.


This region offers mountains, valleys, forest areas and rangelands. Its wonderful rich nature has created wildlife in which animals such as caracals, leopards, and brown bears live.


Red deer, which were brought from Golestan Jungle to this region, are found in the protected area of Arasbaran as well. Therefore, wildlife enthusiasts have an exceptional chance to observe these animals.


Another feature of Arasbaran that attracts so many tourists is its hot spas in the region’s villages where one can find well-organized services for tourists. Moreover, the many rivers formed by these springs join Aras River which is just spectacular.


Besides natural attractions, there are some historical attractions in Arasbaran as well. Babak Khorramdin Castle for example is located in this region and you should pass a narrow stone path to get there. Babak Khorramdin (Death: 838 AD) was the main leader of the Persian revolutionaries who rose and fought against Abbasid Caliphate. In addition to this castle, Aynaloo Mansion, historical mausoleums, and the ancient tree of Kavanaq are some other tourist attractions that you can find and visit in Arasbaran.


Arasbaran region has some beautiful villages with hotels or hotel apartments where tourists can stay and spend their nights. Some tourists prefer to have a one-day trip to Arasbaran and then return to the nearby cities (such as Tabriz which is three to four hours away from Arasbaran) to rest. However, we recommend that tourists spend more than one day in Arasbaran to have a calm enjoyable trip. Furthermore, visiting villages in Arasbaran helps you learn about local people's lifestyle. So, we recommend you to stay in the local lodgings, buy souvenirs from the local handicrafts, etc.


Balan rug, woven in Kaleybar city or in Balan village bears especial patterns and designs. Varni rug, also woven in the region, is believed to be the most primitive type household mat after wicker mat. They are both valuable handicrafts that you can buy in the beautiful region of Arasbaran.


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