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Azadi Tower in Tehran

Azadi Tower in Tehran is the most famous tower in Iran, and a lot of both Iranians and foreigners have taken a photo near this masterpiece of Iran’s modern architecture. Perhaps Azadi Tower can be seen next to Persepolis as Iran’s unique brand; Persepolis being the symbol of Iran’s ancient architecture and Azadi Tower being the symbol of Iran’s modern architecture.


Azadi Tower in Tehran or the Shahyad Tower was built as a memorial for the 2500-Year Kingdom Ceremonies in 1970 by an Iranian architect named Hosein Amanat. Several aspects of Iran’s unique cultural, artistic, and historical traits have been used as inspiration in designing the different parts of the Tower. In fact, in a way Azadi Tower boasts the grandeur and the magnificence of Iran. Visiting Azadi Square, aside from watching the beautiful Azadi Tower, you can use all the historical and cultural facilities there to acquire more knowledge and get more familiar with Iran and its people’s different cultures everywhere within the country’s borders.


The Tower’s verdurous ground and its nearby fountains, have multiplied its beauty and glory and would take you to the days of the old country and its ancient gardens. The closer you get to Azadi Tower, the more you realize and appreciate the delicacy of its architecture. At first, its oval curvature stands out; the inspiration behind this feature comes from Taq Kasra which is a memorial of the Sassanid Period’s architecture. (The Sassanid Dynasty ruled Iran from the year 224 to 651 for 427 years and was the last empire before the advent of Islam.) The bottom part of the Tower, flaunts Iran’s sublime art of tiling, and the blue turquoise color of the tiles is a reminder of the meaning-oriented Islamic architecture. Also, the idea behind designing the upper side of the Tower comes from Yazd’s ancient wind catchers(badgirs). So, it can be argued that Azadi Tower in Tehran is a symbol of Iran’s art, history, culture and architecture.


The wonders of Azadi Tower do not end here. When you go down the Tower’s entry stairs you realize that this Tower has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Upon entering the Iran Studies Gallery it is as if you have ventured into the world of One Thousand and One Night’s Stories (one of the most famous fables of fictional literature with Persian undertones and a Baghdad setting for the most part). There is a conveyor there which takes you on a short but spectacular journey, crossing you over the country’s model. As you are standing on the conveyor, you can observe Iran’s different cities from above, and get yourself familiar with their climates, history, agricultural products, economy, and even the unique handcrafts of the different provinces.


The Ancient Chamber is another engaging section of the Tower, and through its elevators you can reach the Tower’s top and witness a dazzling view of Tehran. As you continue your tour of the Tower, you will visit the Mirror Chamber, The Library, the Gallery, and the Exhibition Hall, each with their own attractions.


The oval shape design of Azadi Square in Tehran is also interesting, and the beehive patterns of the Tower’s surrounding lawns remind us of the unique architecture of the Sheik Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan. After finishing this short but memorable tour at the Tower, you can rest on the nearby benches and enjoy the verdurous and vernal atmosphere there.

You should not have any worries as to how to get to Azadi Square. No matter where you are in Tehran, you can always easily take Tehran’s Metro, the B.R.T buses or the Taxis to reach the Tower.



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