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Badab-e Surt Springs in Mazandaran

Northern provinces of Iran have always been among the main destinations of tourists, but travelers' information about tourist attractions in the three lush and green northern provinces is limited to a number of well-known areas. Most of the travelers would opt for either “Nahar Khoran” jungles in Golestan Province or "Si-Sangan" jungles in Mazandaran Province. But the truth is in addition to these well-known places, there are other amazing places that are less-known and therefore less-chosen by the tourists. One of these sites is the colorful springs of "Badab-e Surt" in the south of the city of Sari, which was registered in 2008 as the second national natural phenomenon in Iran.

These terrace springs are located in the village of Orost, belonging to a rural district called Poshtkooh. The village is made up of several old neighborhoods and Surt is one of them. Different stories about the history of the village have circulated chest to chest, and many believe that this place had been a holy place for the Zoroastrians who gathered there to perform their rituals. Others believe the shape of Badab-e Surt springs is similar to the movements of bamboos in the wind, and there are some who say the name of the place refers to the dancing of the water and the wind.


Badab-e Surt springs consist of two main springs and several small springs, each with a different color, smell and taste. Visitors who suffer from rheumatism are advised to submerge their painful joints in the salt water pool for several minutes. Visitors who go there to take their best ever nature photos, are advised not to miss the sunrise and sunset light and focus on spring number 2 whose taste is sour and whose color is something between red and orange.


How to Go to Badab-e Surt and Where to Stay

The most popular way to reach Badab-e Surt springs is the Tehran-Sari route. Passing Kiasar, and Telma Darreh Intersection, you’ll reach Orost in which the springs are located. You can also reach the springs by travelling through Semnan province. As for accommodation options at the village, you can either rent a rural house at 1.300.000 to 2.000.000 rials per night or to spend the night at the village’s Husseinie for free.


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Schauwecker on 3/29/2018
hi could you help us to organize a tour from Sari Badab-e-surt - Teheran with overnight near Badab-e Surt by camping air the Surt or in the village. Thank you Johanna

Service Available

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Thank you very much for your interest in our services, your desired service is available. Sorry, but do you mean a tour from Tehran to Badab-e Surt, or the other way? Have you read the following suggested plan?

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