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Holy Defense Museum in Tehran

The Iran-Iraq War Museum Garden (Holy Defense Museum in Tehran) is a unique and interesting collection of the memories of the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq which has been built in Abbas Abad District to commemorate the war. This museum implements clips and models to display the harsh and bitter realities of that war to the visitors and to introduce the weapons used in its fronts. Also, the bravery, the difficulties endured, the people’s resistance, and that of all those who sacrificed their lives for their country has been adequately represented.

After acquiring the ticket and entering the hall, usually there is someone there to give a general outline of the program. This place consists of 7 chambers that will be introduced respectively.


Each one of the chambers in Holy Defense Museum in Tehran illustrates a different aspect of the Iran-Iraq War through video clips. For example in the first chamber, you would witness the events that triggered the war and also the Revolution’s victory. In the second chamber, you would see how Iranians’ happiness after the victory of Iranian Revolution was destroyed due to the shock of the Imposed War. In the next levels, Iranian’s courage and rightfulness and their whole-hearted defense against the invasion to their home country is depicted.


As you go forth, the strength and the weaponry capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army that bravely stood up against the enemy forces will be represented. In the end, regardless of all the pain and suffering of the Iranian people during the war and all the imposed difficulties, they never cease their resistance.


Finally, after the Iran-Iraq War clips are played, you enter a section in which the statues of well-known martyrs along with a brief explanation and biography are put on display.


One of the most interesting parts of the Museum is the section with the models that represent the destroyed and war-stricken cities of Iran. These models are supposed to represent the atmosphere and the problems of the war-stricken people to the visitors. Simultaneously, there is a guide who explains the reasons behind the War with details, and for a deeper understanding, they make use of posters on wall. In this museum, you will also get more familiar with the weaponry that has been used in that period.


After visiting the Museum and acquiring a memorable and impactful experience, you can go to Museum’s shop and purchase books on the Iran-Iraq War and its martyrs. This Museum could particularly be more interesting and influential to the youth who have not experienced the War period and its difficulties and atmosphere.


To get to Holy Defense Museum in Tehran, you should go to Vanak Square, Shahid Haghani Highway, at the end of the Sarv Street, facing Taleghani Park, there is the museum’s entrance. There are multi-storey car parks nearby to accommodate the visitors. Also, you can take the first line of Tehran Metro and easily reach the Museum at Haghani Metro Station.


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