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Iranian Art Museum Garden

Before the emersion of tall towers and small apartments in the architecture of Tehran and ultimately Iran, the Capital and the country’s other cities were filled with beautiful and pleasing gardens with tall trees planted in a symmetric manner on each side. Through the gardens, there were streams flowing to reach a gorgeous pool or tank, and there were beauteous bushes and flowers which show off among the trees. Gardens like Iranian Art Museum Garden, with Iranian ideology written all over every inch of them, flaunting the Persian people’s mastery of the arts.


However, Tehran’s towers have disturbed the peaceful sleep of these gardens to the point which currently there are very few gardens left in the city some of which have been transformed into public entertainment parks for the residents.


As it was mentioned, one of such gardens is the Iranian Art Museum Garden located in the northern side of Elahieh District, one of Tehran’s posh neighborhoods which hosted the princes and people from the court in Tehran due to its very vernal gardens and pleasant air.

Iranian Art Museum Garden belonged to a woman named Tooran Tofighi (Mohajer Islami) whose husband was the Lieutenant General Ahmad Amirahmadi, one of the highly ranked military personnel during Reza Shah’s reign (Iran’s king from 1925 to 1941). After the Revolution (1979), this Garden with its thatched walls was seized and handed over to Iran’s House of Cinema.


During the first decade of the new millennium, the garden was purchased from Iran’s House of Cinema by the City Hall and after fixing the main garden which was built in the tradition of the First Pahlavi Era in two floors with an attic and also after renovating the walls, it was turned into a Café Gallery. With the construction of a few Art Works Shopping Centers around the courtyard, Iranian Art Museum Garden started to be utilized as one of Tehran’s entertainment centers especially for Shemiran District locals.


One of the most interesting attractions of this place is the beautiful miniature models of Iran’s architecture masterpieces. These models were ordered to be made for the celebration of Iran’s 2500-Year Kingdom to some Italian artists, and after the Revolution with the inauguration of Iranian Art Museum Garden the models were taken out and put on public display.


The Art Gallery of the Garden which is located in the Old Chateau is a suitable place for observing the Iranian artists’ works that every once in a while presents the opening of an exhibition. Besides, watching the Garden and the trees through the wooden frames and the building’s old windows would be a good chance to put yourself in the shoes of one of the old residents of the Garden and see and experience the outside world the way they did.

The Café Restaurant of the Iranian Art Museum Garden is a reminder of the way traditional Iranian families would rest under the shadows of their garden trees in a hot afternoon next to a turquoise pool and sipping on cold sweet drinks.


The exclusive shopping centers that sell artistic and cultural products are a suitable place to purchase the priceless Iranian handcraft items which have been mostly made by the talented youth who have added a new touch to the country’s old traditional patterns.

To arrive at the Iranian Art Museum Garden you can drive or take Tehran metro and to get to

Tajrish Square. From there you should go to Shahid Darbandi Street, the intersection of Dr. Mahmoud Hessabi. This would be the place to get an insight into the heart and soul of the Iranian lifestyle, the ideology and the culture.


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