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Jamshidieh Park in Tehran

The Stone Park of Jamshidieh or Jamshidieh Garden in Tehran is a unique park at the northern part of the city. Usually, Tehran’s residents spend their weekends there to get away from the city’s pollution. Jamshidieh Park in Tehran is located at the highest point in the capital and having different types of animal and plant species, it boasts a notable distinction compared to other parks and gardens in the city.


Jamshidieh Park’s old and tall trees, along with the different types of birds that have nested in the boughs, have brought about a unique view to this place. Other attractions in the park include a lake, and a waterfall. The sheer joy of watching and feeding the lake’s ducks would make you want to spend more time by the lake. The huts that have been thoughtfully built in the park, offer the possibility of camping and getting together for the families who visit.


Along with the normal people who mostly come to this park for strolling and taking in the beautiful scenery and the fresh air, athletes and mountain climbers are seen there as well. Some people cross Jamshidieh Park in Tehran to get to Kolakchal Campsite. One of the places which holds special interest for the kids is the section with cages full of different types of birds. Another section which was later on added to the park was named after the famous Iranian poet Ferdowsi. Going up the stairs of the Ferdowsi section, you would encounter stone tablets in different shapes. It’s like walking in an art gallery. This spectacular stone area is known as the Stone Zoo. Near the Zoo, two metal goat statues are built by an artist named Mash Ismael.


If you felt hungry after a long walk, you can pay a visit to the cultural houses of Jamshidieh Park and enjoy local food and music. There are other interesting sections in the park such as the Theatre and the Center for Mental Nurture of Children and Adolescents.

Since Jamshidieh Park in Tehran has been built on the path to Mount Kolakchal, mountain climbing enthusiasts have the option to go to Kolakchal’s peak from the Park.

To get to Jamshidieh Park you can use the 1st line of Tehran Metro and get off at Tajrish Station, and then walk to Tajrish Square. Near the Square, there are taxis that take the people to the Jamshidie Park in Tehran.


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