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Miankaleh Peninsula in Mazandaran

Miankaleh Peninsula and wetland is a unique scenic region in the north of Iran enlisted as a UNESCO world natural heritage site. In winter, Miankaleh hosts hundreds of species of local and migratory birds.

Are you a nature lover who is inspired by winter trips? Then do not miss the chance to visit this kingdom of tranquility.

Miankaleh wetland is situated in the far south-east of the Caspian Sea flanked by Bandar Torkaman and Behshahr County from one side and bordered by Miankaleh peninsula from the other. However, it is a grave mistake to suppose that this vast piece of land is anything similar to the other coastal regions of the north.


Flocking Birds

Miankaleh is the first wetland to be inscribed in Ramsar Convention. The reason for this prioritization might have been the uniqueness of this natural reserve.

If you are heading towards Miankaleh, don’t forget your camera and long boots, since you are going to witness a phenomenal sight.

Miankaleh wetland is a winter refuge for over 288 different species of birds including flamingos, pelicans, black storks, cranes, eagles, barbary falcons and mute swans. Such rare diversity of birds flying in huge numbers over the unblemished blue of the wetland or bathing in its clear waters, creates an unparalleled opportunity for bird watchers. They can explore this incredible place for hours enjoying the serenity of the muddy margins of the wetland (it goes without saying that they will need special cameras and long boots to accomplish that!). Miankaleh isn’t all about rare birds though, for if you are lucky enough you may get a glimpse of a jungle cat or the endangered Caspian seal which might be a once in a life time opportunity. But no worries if you don’t spot seals and cats, since you are guaranteed to witness an exceptionally beautiful natural show: wild horses roaming freely in the green meadows of the peninsula.


Cradled by Pomegranate Trees

Leaving aside the whopping diversity of animal species, the flora of Miankaleh is also one of the richest in the region. Of prime importance among this floral diversity is the existence of acres of pomegranate trees that give a novel hue to the already colorful natural array in Miankaleh. Walking among these heavenly trees that are highly regarded among Iranians as having mythological and poetic attributes, cleanses one’s soul from the foul taint of the city life. What is more reviving than a stroll among the pomegranate trees after a delectable local breakfast while basking in the sublimity of delicate blossoms or deep red fruits hiding their ruby hoard within accompanied by a chorus of tiny tuneful birds?


Accommodation in Miankaleh

There is only a small guest-house in Miankaleh Peninsula but the houses of the locals serve as a comfortable traditional residence for the prospective visitors. However, with Behshahr and Bandar Torkmen in the vicinity, visitors usually prefer not to spend the night in Miankaleh as it is a short drive (12km) from the above-mentioned cities.


Local Cuisine

One of the specialties of Iranian cuisine is Jujeh Sorkhi or, as it is better known, Akbar Jujeh. Since the main ingredient of this national dish is pomegranate paste and pomegranate is the native product of Miankaleh, Akbar Jujeh is served abundantly to the visitors. On the other hand, Miankaleh is the natural habitat of a wide range of marine life including Caspian White Fish and Caspian Mullet. In fishing season, these species provide the seafood in the fish market and local restaurants where they are served in many different ways: fried, roasted or stuffed with fresh local vegetables and cooked.

If the purpose of your trip is birdwatching, make sure to travel to Miankaleh in winter although nature-lovers might prefer a trip in spring when the weather is very refreshing


Also, if you intend to travel solo (that is not under supervision of a legal travel agency), don’t forget to get the essential permits from the Department of Environment. Contrary to what it sounds, it is a fairly simple paperwork and is done for the protection of the wildlife against the illegal hunters.  

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