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Milad Tower in Tehran

In 2008, after several years of consistent effort and planning, finally Milad Tower in Tehran was inaugurated. Milad Tower in Tehran is considered as a symbol for the capital of Iran and on top of its communicational utilities, through gatherings entertainment and tourism facilities, it hosts a large number of Iranian and also foreign visitors. This tower has been added to the list of the highest structures in the world. Naturally, a lot of tourists are interested to visit this Tower and look at the city from the top of its highest building. Also, a lot of popular singers hold their concerts in Milad Tower’s Amphitheater.

If you like spending time in a luxurious and fun place, Milad Tower in Tehran could be one of the best options for you. One of the most interesting and popular sections of the Tower is its Dolphinarium. Watching the spectacular dolphins’ show and also the lovely sea lions up close could be quite fun for both children and adults.


If you come with your friends or family, you should pay a visit to the Paintball Court on the South West side of the Tower complex. But if you need more adrenalin rush, we recommend the Tower’s 6th Dimension Cinema. Watching 3D movies while the seats are moving in different directions would make the audience feel as if they really are in that situation.


On the 5th floor of the Tower, there is the Celebrity Museum. In this section the beautiful works of many artists especially a number of busts from Iranian figures have been crafted in the style of the Madame Tussauds Museum, and been represented to the enthusiasts of art and history.

Dining at the Revolving Restaurant of Milad Tower in Tehran would make for a unique experience for you. This restaurant is located at the height of 276 meters, and with its 360 degree rotation, displays a spectacular view of Tehran to its guests. On the walls of this restaurant, the legends and figures of Shahnameh have been sketched and that has multiplied the grace and the beauty of the place. The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of delicious Iranian and international dishes to leave you with a great lasting memory.


The best place in the Tower to view the city’s magnificence and beauty is the open platform at the height of 280 meters and through its embedded lenses. On the last floor of the Tower you will reach the Sky Dome. On this floor, there are some notable artistic works which recount the different periods of Iran’s history that can bedazzle any local or foreign visitor. Also, in this section, different cultural and artistic gatherings such as the commemoration of Ferdowsi are held.

There are multi-story car parks nearby designed for the ease of access of the visitors.


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