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Qasabeh Qanats of Gonbad

One of the most mysterious and most complex of human creations is the invention of qanats. This complexity heightens at the spiral passages of Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad, in the South Khorasan province which was nationally registered in 2000 and was added to the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 2016.


Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad are considered to be the masterpieces of water constructs in Iran. With this incredible invention, Iranians extracted water from the very deep layers of the ground onto the land to facilitate the human civilization and to build a heaven on earth. Today, even though the annual rainfall rates are only 150 ml in Qasabeh area, its fertile land produces clover and wheat and its adobe and mud walls are shaded with its green trees and delight in the singing of the birds. All of that is possible because 2500 to 2700 years ago in the Achaemenid era, this land’s people dug 300-meter deep wells; (500 wells were dug along a straight line and the mother well has a depth of more 300 meters). These wells which provided drinking and agricultural water for 33 kilometers into this area also extended a green blanket over some of Iran’s arid deserts. But until now, the secret to its corridors - 40 percent of which could be charted - has not been properly uncovered.


Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad have three entries; one which that has been reconstructed and is 170 cm high and 80 cm wide is considered the main entry of the qanats and helps you reach the wells after going for 720 meters. The second entry which is currently dry has been kept intact and 500 meters of it could be visited by the public. On the intersection of the cement and the dry tunnels, there is another entry; this entry is located right where the water coming up from the depth of 300 meters under the ground changes direction into to an artificial tunnel. From this part of the qanat, there is another route to the dry tunnel.


The Structure of Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad

These qanats consists of roughly 500 wells which have been dug from the main entry to the mother well through which the water moves horizontally all throughout the year and irrigates the Qasabeh Gonabad’s lands. The wonder with such these aqueducts is that even though in this region water is accessible only in the depth of 300 meters, the ancient Persians implemented different sciences such as mathematics, geology, climatology etc. and devised a masterful solution in their period.


Today, the main entry to Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad is on Nasir Khusrow Stree. The mother well in which all the water is stored is on the northern outskirts of Siah-Kouh Mountain and at the end of “Dolab No” district and the water valley of Khanik. The depth of the wells is approximately 300 meters 28 meters of which is usually filled with water and it produces water at a rate of 150 liters per second.


How to Go to Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad

Travelling to the Gonabad area in South Khorasan province for the sake of exploring its spiral corridors is possible via land, railway and on plane. However, the land routes include: from the north, through Mashad-Torbat-e Heydarieh and then Gonabad; from the west, through Bajestan–Goanabad route; from the south east, through Birjand–Ghaen and then Gonabad route; from the south west, through Tabas–Ferdows and then Gonabad route.

But if you prefer travelling by train, you should first go to Bajestan city by train which is in the 50 km radius of Gonabad, and then go to the destination by land. Also, if you prefer airplanes, Mashad airport is the best choice.


Stay and Visit

To stay in Gonabad you can use the only hotel in the city. There is a motel in Bidokht town 5 kilometers to Gonabad as well, but if you are into camping, parks such as Shirin, Basij, Shahr, Daneshgah and Mellat are suitable options. The visiting hours for Qasabeh Qanats of Gonabad are 9 to 12, 16 to 18, and with 10000 Iranian rials you can step into the world of these mysterious qanats.


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