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Razianeh Canyon in Ilam

Do not miss the heaven of Ilam when you travel to this province in Iran. It's a green plain with beautiful trees and a blue sky.

The Canyon of Razianeh is a geological phenomenon and is one of the geo-tourism attractions of Ilam Province in Iran.

This canyon is a deep and narrow valley created by the erosive power of the river that flows at its bottom. It is located in a green field, to the southeast of Ilam city, the center of Ilam Province.

The natural and climatic location of this small piece of heaven which is a good habitat for birds and other animals, made Iran's government to register seventy-five hectares of this region as the country's national natural heritage.

This natural phenomenon, which is located at the foot of "Kabir Kouh" (Mount Kabir), is accessible by Ilam-Dareh Shahr road and is an amazing promenade for the tourists.

If you travel to Tangeh (canyon) of Razianeh in spring, you'll meet tourists that have set up their tents there. The local people of Ilam, whether they know each other or not, get friendly very soon and keep themselves busy with talking, playing games, and of course dancing with the Kurdish music.

You need to walk through water to get to the canyon of Razianeh so don't forget to take a suitable pair of shoes or slippers with yourself. If you don't like the idea of walking through water, you must either choose to rock climb or find a path from the bridge to the canyon.


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