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Shemshak Ski Resort

The view of Roudbar Ghasran region was something like European classic paintings in the beginning of the 20th century. Just imagine a village at the foot of a mountain in a green neighborhood and a sun that hid itself behind the mountain at the sunset and the people whom their faces showed the satisfaction of life.


This simple but lovely image of Roudbar Ghasran changed rapidly through the process of industrialization of Iran in the last century. In Pahlavi era, Germans came to Roudbar Ghasran to research the possibility of starting mines in the region. These engineers were the first to write reports about skiing possibilities in the mountains of Haji Abad district in Shemshak.


Very soon skiing in the nearby mountains of Shemshak became the free time activity of Germans who worked there. But unfortunately an avalanche killed a few of them while they were skiing and this made Iran's government to forbid skiing in Shemshak for a few years. However, the ban did not last long and a standardized ski resort was opened in the region for the ski lovers.


Eventually at around 1950s by the support of the government and the improvement in the services, Shemshak Ski Resort became a famous, popular spot and a hotel was built in that area for the tourists and the ski fans


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