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Siah Gav Twin Lakes in Ilam

Pack your luggage and travel to Abdanan (the fourth most populated county of Ilam Province in Iran with a pristine beautiful nature). The access route to Abdanan is in a way the sister road to Chalus Road in the north of Iran; they’re both very beautiful windy roads with great green mountainous nature.

Most people in this region speak Kurdish. However, there are Lur and Arab minorities who live there peacefully as well.


With its beautiful oak woods, Abdanan City which is located between Kabir Kouh and Dinar Kouh, attracts many tourists.

Ninety-three percent of Abdanan County is natural resources but this is not all. Over a hundred historical, cultural, and religious sites haven been nationally registered here as well.


Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan in Ilam are considered to be one of the most important natural tourist attractions in the region. Passing Sarabagh village, there's an asphalt narrow quiet road with wonderful scenery that takes you to the lakes.


The relatively high plains and mountains covered with red tulips, oak trees, charming mountainous weather, the sound of singing birds, the black tents of the nomads, the newly-born playful lambs etc. will all form fragments of your trip’s memories to be saved for the tedious days of your life.


Park your car after crossing a small bridge and put on suitable shoes. You have a 500-meter walk to the lakes. Flowers on the edge of the lakes, colorful fish in the water, wild birds, and tall bamboos are other wonderful things you will see on your trip to these thousand-year-old lakes.


The two indigo Siah Gav Lakes in Ilam are separated by a natural 500-long dirt path. The depth of each lake is more than twelve meters but the water is so crystal clear that the fish can be seen in the depth of three like an aquarium. The mysterious coldness of water in summer and its warmness in winter is another amazing fact about these two lakes.


Some natives of this region claim that hippos used to live in this lake in ancient times and as these animals were black and unknown to people, the lakes got famous as Siah Gav. However, language experts like Mr. Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi believe that the original name of these lake was "Siag Ow" (brownish blue water in local dialect) and eventually changed incorrectly to the current name.


Although the tall bamboos surrounding the lakes are very beautiful, they have covered and hidden the dirt edge of the lakes. Therefore, please take care of your kids' steps. Keep a safe distance from the lakes if you can't swim because some parts of the water are very deep.


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