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Tangeh Vashi in Tehran

Tangeh Vashi or the Savashi Gorge in Tehran is one of the most verdant areas in Tehran’s suburbs with a really pleasant weather. Due to its beautiful natural scenery and being close to the city of Tehran, this area could be the best choice for Tehran’s residents who are looking for one day trips. The clean and fresh air, the cool breeze, the lake, and its pristine nature attract many tourists and nature enthusiasts to this area, especially during the summer.


17 kilometers from the Firuzkuh Town, and after passing verdurous fields, ragged rocks, you will reach a rocky valley through which a river is flowing. The tall rocks surrounding the river, block the sun rays from reaching this area, making Tangeh Vashi always remain cool. Each year and particularly during the intolerably hot summer days, a large number of visitors flock to this place, enter its cold river knee deep and walk for some time in the water.


The gorge is divided into several parts. If you are the adventurous type, you will certainly walk its difficult path joyfully all through to the end, otherwise halfway on the road, you will return. Some people use pack animals to cross the cold river there. After passing the first part of the gorge, you would enter a verdurous area with pleasant weather called the Savashi field. Most visitors stay and rest in this place and enjoy its gorgeous scenery.


After a relatively long walk and near the end of the gorge, you would reach a waterfall which most visitors visit to escape from the heat.


On top of the natural beauty of the gorge, there is an inscription from Fath Ali Shah the Qajar King which has doubled this area’s attractions. During the Qajar Era (Qajar refers to a dynasty which ruled Iran for nearly 130 years, 1785-1925) Fath Ali Shah ordered three inscriptions to be built one of which was engraved at the heart of the rocky Tangeh Vashi. This relief inscription shows Fath Ali Shah and his sons hunting and is two centuries old now.


The local dished of Tangeh Vashi in Tehran include the Five Plant Buttermilk, the Mirabelle Sauce and Fruit Roll-ups.


Tangeh Vashi is located within a 2 kilometer radius of Firuzkuh road. To get to Firuzkuh road, you can drive from Shahid Babaei Highway in Tehran eastward towards Firuzkuh-Damavand road, along the road you will reach a sideway road to Jelizjand village. Driving down this road, you will reach the verdurous village of Jelizjand. Tangeh Vashi is located 4 kilometers past this village.


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